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Don’t waste time submitting 10+ loan applications, uploading endless documents and risking your personal credit score only to be rejected… We match you with the best capital providers and financing terms, with minimal hassle and funds inside 24 hours! 

250,000+ Business Owners Helped
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Access Same-Day Funding Tailored to the Needs of Your Business – No Jumping Through Hoops Required!

Access Same-Day Funding Tailored to the Needs of Your Business – No Jumping Through Hoops Required!

Want to grow your business, but don’t have the cash on hand to do so? We’ve got you covered! At Biz Rescue Solutions, we broker financing for businesses with annual revenue of $600K – $12 Million, so they can capitalize on growth opportunities and expand their business.

Whether you need to hire more staff to keep up with demand… invest in new technology and equipment to gain an advantage over your competition… open additional locations to reach new markets… or launch a marketing campaign to attract new customers… our easy application process offers fast approval and funds within 24 hours!

Don’t Waste Time Burying Yourself in Paperwork or Filling Out 10+ Applications

As serial entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand what it’s like to run a business. You haven’t got the time to assess different lenders and loan options… to fill out 10+ applications, explaining over and over who you are and why you need funding... or to sort through mountains of tedious paperwork. Especially when there’s no guarantee you’ll be approved and your personal credit score could take a hit from multiple rejections.

At Biz Rescue Solutions, we’ve streamlined the process of securing capital for business owners. Fill out our simple, 1-page application… and the next time you hear from us (provided we’ve gotten all we need from you and you meet the underwriting criteria), you’ll have multiple approval offers that meet your needs. You can choose the most suitable option and the funds will be deposited straight into your account!

Access “Cash On Demand” With Our Rapid Approval Process and Money Sent to Your Account Within 24 Hours!

Don’t Waste Time Burying Yourself in Paperwork or Filling Out 10+ Applications


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Obtain Fast, Stress-Free Funding and Capitalize on Growth Opportunities Before They Slip Through Your Fingers

Growth opportunities don’t come around every day – and when they do, you need fast funds so you can capitalize on them before they disappear (or before your competition capitalizes on them!). Our streamlined business funding process helps you access fast, stress-free capital. You’ll have the money you need to take advantage of growth opportunities before it’s too late!

Move to a new location
Buy additional equipment
Open up another location
Invest in new technology
Remodel or renovate your premises
Launch a new product or service
Purchase stock or inventory
Fund a marketing campaign
Hire more staff 
Franchise your business

Biz Rescue Solutions Offers a Faster, Simpler Way to Secure the Growth Capital You Need…

Easy 1-Page Application

As business owners ourselves, we understand your time is better spent elsewhere – so we made our application process fast, simple, and pain-free!

Fast Approval Process

Growth opportunities don’t come along every day, and when they do, they’re often time-sensitive – so we work with our capital providers to quickly get approvals for you to choose from.

No Automated Decisions

The final decision will be made by humans (not AI) who want to approve your application provided you meet that capital provider’s underwriting criteria.

Funds Deposited Within 24 Hours

Once you've accepted a funding approval offer, you’ll see the funds within 24 hours – giving you access to the growth capital you need to expand your business!

90%+ Approval Rate

Unlike traditional lenders who reject you at the first hurdle, we leave no stone unturned to get you the capital you need to grow!.

150+ Capital Providers Available

With a large network of lenders and funders who offer the full range of business finance solutions, you’ll get the capital you’re after, on terms that suit you – instead of being pushed into a cookie-cutter loan that doesn’t fit your needs.

Access “Cash On Demand” With Our Rapid Approval Process and Money Sent to Your Account Within 24 Hours!

Imagine Having a Trusted Business Finance Partner Who Grants You Cash On Demand

Our aim isn’t just to give you a one-off cash injection and go our separate ways… it’s to become a trusted business funding partner who you can rely on any time you need fast financing. This includes exclusive, special-priced access to our Biz Credit Booster program to help you establish and build your business credit profile so that lenders start chasing you to offer ever-increasing business lines of credit making it easier for you to obtain even larger capital funding whenever you need it.

Imagine how much easier it would be to execute your expansion plans with “cash on demand.” You could access a war chest of funds your rivals can’t compete with… confidently grow your business without ever worrying about money… and capitalize on new opportunities the second they arise!

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Large Network of Lenders

90%+ Approval Rate

All Types of Financing

Super-Fast Funding Options

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Personalised Credit Growth Guidance

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in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Access Our Funding Application

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  2. Fill Out the 1-Page Application

    No need to fill out multiple applications or answer complicated questions – just give us the few details we need to find the perfect financing for your needs.

  3. We’ll Outline Your Options

    We’ll come back to you with several suitable options so you can choose the best fit for your business and specific needs.

  4. Access the Funds Within 24 Hours

    Once you’ve made your choice, your funds will be deposited within 24 hours so you can use the cash to expand and grow your business! (Obviously not counting hours during weekends and holidays)

Access “Cash On Demand” With Our Rapid Approval Process and Money Sent to Your Account Within 24 Hours!

Get Capital OR
Get $100,000+ Biz Credit

We're so confident in our ability to secure financing for eligible businesses that we're willing to bet big on it. Because we know that if we can’t get your business financed… then no one can. That’s why, if you meet our criteria but we can't get your business funded, we'll work for FREE to get you at least $100,000 in business credit within 6 months.*

*T&Cs apply.

“With Biz Rescue Solutions
It Got to a Point Where It Was Like Money On Demand”

We were in urgent need of funds to get our hands on some stock offered to us at an exceptional price. We went to our bank first. They required tons of documentation - the last two years’ financials, next 12 months of cash flow projection, and so on. Then they would get back to us with an answer in 4 to 6 weeks’ time.
This was not going to work.
Our supplier was expecting an answer from us within a week! We contacted Biz Rescue Solutions, provided the basic documentation they requested and got the funds in our account 5 days later. 
Cannot thank them enough!  Getting this stock at such a great price will increase our business’ profitability and allow us to grow faster.
P.S. Three weeks later we got the reply from the bank – application declined. I’m so glad that we did not waste the time waiting for them to get back to us.
Steve B.

Retail Store Owner; Chicago, IL

About a year ago we bought a rundown motel for a great price. It was in a good location and had great financial potential, but it had suffered from years of neglect.

We needed external funding to cover the renovation costs to bring it back to its former glory. Starting with our primary bank, we submitted applications to 5 different banks but got declined by each one and we could not figure out why.
We felt as if no one was there to help us.
We did not know where else to go to get the funds we needed.
My husband found Biz Rescue Solutions on Google, and everything changed for us.
We filled out their simple application form, sent the required documents, had a great conversation with the one of the directors and… behold… 
The next day we received offers from two different lenders. 
A day later we got 2 more offers! 
Four (4) offers on our desk.
That was really great!
We chose the one that would work best for us, signed the agreement and the next day…
cha-ching… money in our account.
Biz Rescue Solutions truly lived up to their name.
With their help, we are back on track to do all that we want for our business to grow.

Margaret & Mark W.

Motel Owners; Philadelphia, PA.

My business partner’s personal circumstances had changed. He was moving overseas and had another business venture he wanted to focus on. He wanted me to buy him out and needed this to be done quickly. 

Our manufacturing business was doing really well, but I didn’t have anywhere near the kind of funds needed to buy him out at that time.
I contacted Biz Rescue Solutions. Found them very knowledgeable, approachable, and easy to work with.
Most importantly, they understood the urgency of my situation and got me funded in less than a week.
I’m working now on a few projects which will help me expand my business and will be needing large amounts of funds for that.
It’s really awesome knowing that Biz Rescue Solutions is there for me when I need them, and I don’t have to worry where to get the funds for my expanding business.

Richard S.

Manufacturing Company; San Mateo, CA

I am the owner of a well-established restaurant with one location and wanted to purchase a second location in downtown New York. I knew that opening the second location would be a profitable move for me. My team is well trained and the demand for our food is great. 

After a bit of searching, I found the right building. It just needed some work done to it quickly so that we could open the new location for the upcoming summer season. 
I needed $550K to purchase the building and additionally another $200K for renovations, new equipment, furniture, staff, etc.
My bank declined the application for funds and other attempts to get loans had failed.
I was losing hope and couldn’t see a way to move forward.
Then came across Biz Rescue Solutions. They evaluated my situation, asked me all the right questions to understand my needs, and got back to me super-fast with 3 offers to choose from! 
The total funds secured for my business: $750K within 3 days and funds transferred within 24 hours from the time I signed the agreement.
My plan is to open 2 more locations next year and I will not be looking anywhere else for funds. Will get back to this awesome company.
It was a great experience, painless and fast.

Christopher H.

Restaurant Owner; NY


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Access “Cash On Demand” With Our Rapid Approval Process and Money Sent to Your Account Within 24 Hours!


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